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Cellulose, the visible aspect of nano cellulose, is the most abundant natural polymer in the world.

It is the core of trees in every forest ; it is the core of every living plant on this planet, it is present in every stalk of grain and it is present in much of algae and in a number of sea animals. Every year around 11 trillion tonnes of it are consumed around the world in its many forms as wooden furniture, household wall planking, manufactured paper and all its derivatives.



various applications

Nano Cellulose can be used in a number of applications to improve products usability




Pulp fibers from wood are delivered in bales. This is our preferred form of  raw material.  Before starting the manufacturing of nanocellulose materials of one type or another, the pulp usually needs to be suspended in clean water.



Once it is wet the elementary fibrils of the fibers need to be separated from the natural fiber matrix. Our chemical treatment precedes high shear force treatment which provides an efficient separation of the cellulosic fibrils from the fibre matrix leading to an appropriate aspect ratio of the fibrils or crystals. The aspect ratio is especially important when our product is to be used to increase the strength of paper or a plastic resin composite. It is the ratio of the length of the nanofibril to its diameter. The higher the ratio the more effective is the fibril in providing an increase in strength properties of the finished product containing nanocellulose material.



Depending on selected process, the water content after the manufacturing process may be too high for economic and ecology-friendly transportation. Therefore, the dry content of nanofibrillated cellulose can be increased to the required level.



For shipping, the nanofibrillated cellulose products will be packed in re-usable containers appropriately sized for the requirement. The packaging ensures safe transportation, easy handling and efficient storage.

We partner with our customers, research institutes and universities to bring new, innovative products based on microfibrillated cellulose to reality.

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