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Paper Coatings

Much attention in recent years has been devoted to researching water-based coatings of nanocellulose, sometimes with additives and sometimes with the sole component of the aqueous dispersion being a treated nanocellulose material. Micro cellulose dispersions have also been considered with promising results.

The substrate being cellulose paper is to be expected, sometimes the paper being also pigment coated to restrain the otherwise high level of absorption into the bulk of the paper causing increases in cost of the coated product. The end objective of these coatings has often been to provide a packaging material of increased physical strength from the presence of nano cellulose fibrils or crystals.

Also there is significant opportunity, particularly with paperboard being the substrate to provide both an oxygen barrier and a moisture barrier to a package of frozen or other sensitive food product which is not possible with the current standard method of presentation in a paperboard package.

Our company is highly interested in the immediately-above type of packaging concept particularly one involving the use of radical cure technology incorporating reactive nano cellulose materials.