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Plastic Composites

The subject of nanocellulose materials in a plastic composite has been the objective of a great deal of the R&D activity in the Scientific Press for a number of years, probably at least over two decades of time.

One of the first industries to display interest in a plastic composite of polymer and nano cellulose was the automotive industries of Detroit.They have focused on the use of low cost waste nylon carpet as a source of Nylon 6 polymer as the companion polymer to nano cellulose for high temperature resistance as an under-hood lining.

The fact that nano cellulose in a fibrous mat of one (1) millimeter thickness has a tensile strength at least twice that of stainless steel and an impact penetration resistance of twice that of a KEVLAR vest should also be of interest, particularly for body cladding of security and defense-use vehicles. It is also rumoured that Lockheed Corporation is interested in such a product for aircraft cladding.

We have  interest in the role of a polyolefin composite with nano cellulose as a gas barrier film packaging of food and other oxygen sensitive materials.

We are also interested in the opportunity for nano cellulose and polyolefin composites in the building and construction industry with the opportunity for down-gauging of these films resulting from the strength gains to the films , provided by nano cellulose materials.